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CSM Fabrication

Burley Idaho

Furnish and install all equipment, material, and labor necessary to fulfill the requirements set forth by the construction documents and the specifications.

Include receiving, unloading, staging and installing Owner’s existing and newly furnished equipment.

Furnish and install all compressed air piping, fittings, valves, piping supports, insulation (where applicable), vibration isolation and seismic control, expansion loops, meters and gauges. Furnish and install all gas, chilled water, cooling tower system/loop, condenser water, low pressure steam, steam condensate piping, valves, unions, flanges, mechanical couplings, dielectric connections, piping supports, insulation, vibration isolation and seismic control, expansion loops, meters and gauges, hangers and supports.

Furnish and install expansion tanks, air vents, air separators, strainers, diffusers, discharge valves, balancing valves, flow controls, flow meters and relief valves for chilled water and condenser water systems.

Furnish and install steam and condensate heating specialties, including but not limited to steam traps, steam air vents, relief vents, and deaerators.

Furnish and install liquid caustic system piping, valves, fittings, unions, vibration isolation and seismic control, hangers and supports.

Provide all penetrations in walls and roofs for the work of this bid package.