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Removal of Oneida Unit 3 generator rotor, design and fabrication of a new rotor, component rehabilitation, reassembly and testing.  Inspection of hub and thrust collar plate.  Inspections of thrust bearing assembly, generator guide bearing, and turbine guide bearing, including dimensional measurements.  Line boring of the coupling flanges with turbine/generator shaft flange coupled together.  Machine Encapsulation Machine will be tented and/or encapsulated to prevent debris escape to surrounding Ventilation.  A ventilation system provided by Contractor will be connected into the tented and/or encapsulated machine to create a vacuum draw of at least 1500 CFM.

  • A new rotor designed with removable brake plates is required for Unit 3.
  • Generator Shaft
  • Refurbishment of Poles
  • Refurbish or Replace Brakes
  • Reassembly of Unit
  • Testing and Commissioning
  • As-built drawings and Reporting