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Montrose Steam Electric Station

Montrose Lake Dam – Missouri

Client KCP&L

Rehabilitate, strengthen and modify to improve four (4) existing steel tainter gates and associated accessories to include, but not be limited to: hoists, seals, hoist lift chains, grease lines, torque tubes, embedded steel in adjacent concrete, adjacent concrete, trunnion thrust blocks, and hoist platforms. The gates, originally constructed about 1955, are part of a concrete spillway structure within Montrose Lake dam at the Montrose Steam Electric Station, which is owned by Great Plains Energy Services, Inc. Work included repairs and strengthening of existing steel which is corroded, additional steel installation, removal of existing lead-based coatings and re-coating of all gates including other indicated areas, accessory removal and replacement, and concrete repair of adjacent concrete surfaces.

  • Horizontal girder end brace replacement.
  • Rivet replacement
  • Hoist Inspections and Repair
  • General Concrete spall or defect repair per
  • General skin plate strengthening similar
  • Cover plate strengthening of steel members using 1/2” thick plate and 1/4” fillet weld all around Defective 1/4” fillet weld removal and replacement
  • Concrete Surface Repair
  • Anchorage in Concrete
  • Structural and Miscellaneous Metals
  • Protective Coatings