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Location: Linn County, OR
Owner: Eugene Water & Electric Board
Client: Wildish Building Company
Completed: 2018

JR Merit led the replacement of the TSVs for both generating units, which began with the removal and disposal of the original 9.5-foot diameter Allis-Chalmers TSVs and water operators, TSV control piping, and associated service water and drain piping. Our installation scope of work included:

  • Installation of new owner-supplied equipment including cutting of existing penstock and spiral case extension pieces and welding of new upstream and downstream spool pieces to the penstocks and spiral cases for connection of new dismantling joints and TSVs
  • Positioning and anchoring of hydraulic power units (HPUs)
  • Assembly and installation of 9-foot diameter TSVs and bypass lines
  • Assembly of TSVs including mounting of actuators and assembly of counterweights, penstock equalization valve (PEV) lines, and 4-inch isolation valves for sealant placement
  • Installation of new penstock piping connections for emergency cooling water and fire water supply
  • Supply and installation of new service water, air vent, and drainage steel piping
  • Stainless steel hydraulic tubing
  • Miscellaneous steelwork
  • Concrete placement within old TSV operator pits with floor drains; including miscellaneous valves, piping materials, pipe supports, fasteners, gasket materials, etc.
  • Assisting the TSV manufacturer and owner with commissioning and startup of the equipment