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Own It.

The JR Merit mantra reflects our culture of personal accountability. At JR Merit, team members are empowered to offer solutions and make appropriate decisions. Each person has the courage to take ownership of any challenge and always contributes to the overall success of each project, client, and team.

Our Vision

Create a Great Experience, Every Time

Our goal is to surpass our client’s expectations on every project.

Our Mission

Treat Every Project Like it is our Only Project

JR Merit is distinguished as the highest-value industrial construction company in the marketplace by our passion for surpassing client expectations. Our clients and their interests always come first. We achieve this client-focused commitment by anticipating and providing unique solutions while growing our company through strict adherence to our guiding principles.

Our Guiding Principles

Exceptional People

Our people are our greatest asset.
Character and integrity matter.
We attract, develop, and retain top talent.

Superior Execution

We define measures of success for all we do.
We always prepare to win.
We act with expertise, urgency, and professionalism.

Shared Purpose

We work together to ensure a safe workplace for all.
“Win-twice” means the client wins and JR Merit wins.
We have fun and celebrate successes.

Take Ownership

Our commitment is to the team.
Everyone is accountable for results.
We don’t point fingers.

Honor Our Past While Building a Better Future

Our good reputation must be protected.
We are innovators, leading the way.
Continuous improvement is a constant pursuit.

Build a Legacy

We foster an inspired, purpose-led culture.
We positively impact the communities we serve.
We are committed to the development of self and others.

Our Logo Story

Our logo represents our research, dedication, expertise, and our commitment to highest quality work.

JRMerit Logo

Hexbolt: Quality of Craftmanship

JRMerit Logo

Outstretched Arms: Exceptional Client Service Round-Table: Teamwork Every Day

JRMerit Logo

3/4 Cube: Looking in on the Many Skillsets We Contribute

JRMerit Logo

Intersecting Lines: A Symbol for Family

Environmental Conservation

Our Commitment to Environmental Excellence

Conservation Tree Planting

JR Merit makes every effort to minimize our effect on the environment. We continually assess our impact and apply our lessons learned to each new project. We meet EPA and DEQ standards for every project and comply with Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) inspections when required. Beyond simple compliance, we creatively recycle and/or resell project debris, often saving clients money rather than spending it!

Community Involvement

Above and Beyond Business

We feel it is important to enrich our lives as well as the lives of those around us. We get involved with organizations that give back and help our communities.

  • We support our neighbors at Clark County Food Bank through volunteer work.
  • In 2018, we made our largest donation ever to Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.
  • Giving Back Abroad: In 2019, three JR Merit team members participated in rebuilding a school in rural South Africa.

Safety: Above All Else

Health and safety are our first considerations in the operation of our business and execution of our projects. We commit to preventing damage, injury, or loss to our employees and anyone on our jobsites.

Safety TrainingEmpowerment Through Training

We provide education, up-to-date training, and the latest resources and technology to integrate safety into our everyday operations. JR Merit management promotes and influences safe behavior and adherence to strict safety program protocols that meet federal, state, and local regulations.

Engagement Through Feedback

Our operations and safety personnel work together as one team to find practical, economic solutions to a project’s safety concerns. JR Merit thoroughly considers employee recommendations to improve health and safety conditions and provides financial resources to correct unsafe conditions.