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JR Merit is distinguished as the highest-value industrial construction company in the marketplace by our passion for surpassing client expectations. Our clients and their interests always come first. We are able to achieve this client focused commitment by anticipating and providing unique solutions, while growing our company through strict adherence to our guiding principles.

Guiding Principles

  • Steadfast Safety
  • Client Commitment
  • Value Creation
  • Ownership Spirit
  • Quality Branding
  • Trust
  • Integrity
  • Culture
  • Our People

Steadfast Safety

Our commitment to safety enhances our ability to provide comprehensive service to our clients, as well as providing an unparalleled working environment for our employees and project partners.


Like all things JR Merit does, our logo represents the research, dedication, expertise and commitment to the highest quality work.

JRMerit Logo

The hex bolt shape of our logo symbolizes the quality of workmanship that we deliver with each completed project.

JRMerit Logo

The outstretched arms stand for our exceptional Client service. It is also a round-table model of the teamwork found every day within the company.

JRMerit Logo

The 3?4 view box or “cube” is an outside-looking-in view of the many skill sets JR Merit’s craftsmen contribute to each project.

JRMerit Logo

Finally, the space in which three lines of our logo forms one point creates a symbol meaning family. For JR Merit, this signifies the rapport and respect we need to integrate our versatile skill sets.



Our practices on every project we perform meet EPA and DEQ standards. We are also experienced at passing Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) inspections. Beyond simple compliance with environmental laws, we have been known to creatively recycle and/or resell project debris, actually saving client’s money rather than spending it! There is nothing more satisfying than reaching your goals and the environment’s!


We must adhere to the highest standards for the safe operation of projects and the protection of the environment, our people, and Clients, and the citizens of the communities in which we do business. JR Merit makes every effort to minimize the effect of our operations on the environment. We are unified in a commitment to environmental excellence and continuous improvement. We constantly assess our impact on the environment, and we apply what we have learned over the years to each new project.



Our team of professionals enjoy project involvement within our communities. We feel it is important to enrich our lives as well as the lives of those around us. We will always take the stance to help those organizations in pursuit of helping others.  It is in these beliefs of community involvement that we take great pride of our culture and personal growth.




One of our corporate values is to maintain a culture of safety that permeates in every project. We do this by empowering our workforce with education, up-to-date training and the latest resources and technology. JR Merit personnel follow strict safety protocols, ensuring that all of our client’s safety requirements are met. Depending on the complexity and frequency of potential safety issues, we can allocate the day-to-day presence of our fully-trained, full-time safety director where needed.

The safety of our Clients’ employees, as well as of our craftsmen, sits on top of JR Merit’s core values. Safety means maintaining an incident-free workplace, creating business-driven value in a safe environment and integrating safety into our everyday operations. Our safety programs comply with Federal, State and Local regulations.

Because every project has unique safety characteristics, our operations and safety personnel work together as one team to find practical, economic solutions to a project’s safety concerns. Additionally, our full-time safety director is available to oversee the project and make adjustments to the safety plan as needed. JR Merit’s dedication to a safe work environment is evidenced through our successful performance. Over the past three years, JR Merit’s comprehensive programs and on-site diligence have resulted in a safety record that boasts zero lost-time accidents.